This series of exceptionally light and compact engines, features very high reliability in every condition; furthermore, this specific project has been carried out in order to optimize durability and low fuel consumption without reducing the performance of the engine.


4 stroke marine diesel engines (LDW 502 M, LDW 702 M, LDW 1003 M, LDW 1404 M), fresh water cooled via heat exchanger, complete with zinc anode protection; cast-iron engine block (aluminium for LDW 502 M); reborable liners; one piece aluminium cylinder head; indirect injection with unit injector pump in the cylinder head; overhead camshaft with timing belt; vane type lubrication pump on crankshaft; fresh water cooling pump in the engine block; stainless steel water injected exhaust elbow; self-priming sea water pump; air filter; anti-corrosion surface treatment.


Brochure price list



Power kw at 1500 rpm

5,5 kw

Power kw at 1800 rpm

6,5 kw

Power kw at 3000 rpm

11,5 kw

Power kw at 3600 rpm

12 Kw


90 kg ••



•• With bell sae 5 and flywheel 7,5″

Electric stop

accessorio di serie

SAE Flange

accessorio di serie

Electro valve

accessorio di serie


standard accessory Standard

optional lazyload accessory Optional


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Focs-Chd brochure

Brochure KDI TCR-MP download

Focs use and maintenance manual

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Electric stop manual

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Separator filter (water/fuel) manual

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